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Sauces, Rub & Relish!!

Welcome to Hot Mama Gena's, Inc. We are a small, privately owned company, located in Lacona, New York that manufactures specialty food products.

We use only the finest ingredients, including locally grown produce when available.

Every time you purchase one of our products, you can be sure that you are buying quality food produced in the United States.

We have a new batch of the Hubba Hubba Spice Rub!

We are temporarily out of stock on both the Hottie sauces.

Hot Mama Gena's is proud to be a sponsor of the Sportsman Expo! View the poster here.




Exciting news!


Hot Mama Gena's, Inc. is a proud sponsor of The Run TV Series!

Cast of The Run

Gluten and Fat Free!

No preservatives. No additives. Turns ordinary food into healthy, delicious dishes instantly! It's Zesty and it's good for you! Sold in several Central NY grocery stores. Read more..

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